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The glass manufacturer E. STANKA has been embellishing laid out tables with its masterfully hand-blown and hand-polished unique lead crystal items for around 80 years.


The designs of our glassware bring classical aspects to our modern age. Today we continue to be inspired by the design language of the ancient world, which blossomed with a new radiance in the period of classicism in the 18th and 19th century. The glass design of our Adels - Service in particular takes up precisely this design language. The clear classical lines of the glasses and their modest yet decorative polish follow the repertoire of one of the most noble cultural periods in history.


Our high-quality material promises a unique exclusivity. The crystal glass which was refined in the 17th century was originally supposed to simulate the purity and elegance of a rock crystal.

However the many brilliant creations of previous centuries have freed themselves from this requirement and today they signify high-quality and precious products, the value of which often appears inestimable. This is reflected in the fine radiance of our Maria Theresia - Service glassware for example.


The long tradition, which makes our products stand out and links in with the classical design language, creates an extraordinary elegance for every occasion: a Bordeaux for two in front of the fireplace, a dinner with friends or the great wedding table - with our Kurfürsten - Service in particular you always show stylistic assurance.


Our combination of classic, exclusivity and elegance , combined with our traditionally masterful way of working, will meet your high demands on premium glass at all times. This makes our products an exceptional asset for your table setting.

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